11 Ways To Decorate Using Stuff You Already Have

11 Ways To Decorate Using Stuff You Already Have | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Home Made Lovely via Youtube


Who says you have to spend tons of bucks purchasing a lot of decor for your home? Learn some valuable tips from Home Made Lovely on Youtube today! Who would have thought it’s possible to decorate your home with stuff you already have without it looking tacky? Watch the video below to learn the following home decorating tips. 


#1 Purge the Decor You Don’t Love

Stop holding onto things just because they’re filling a decor space in your home.

Purging decor you don't use and just keeping what you need
Image credits: Home Made Lovely via Youtube

#2 Tidy Up!

No matter how beautiful your decor is, if things are messy, you’re not gonna be able to pay any attention to how beautiful your decor is.

#3 Hush Your Spaces

Take out all the unnecessary things in the space and only keep in the room what you only need.

#4 Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging furniture will give your space a new look and will give your eyes something new to look at.

#5 Paint or Refinish Something

You don’t need any fancy paints, you can just paint with latex paint. This could be furniture, decor, or accessories.


#6 Swap Furniture and/or Accessories

Choose decor pieces that will work in three spaces so you can just swap these from room to room later on.

#7 Side Tables and Accent Chairs

Examples of decor your can move from room to room: area rugs, art decor, side tables, etc. It’s pretty much anything you can fit from room to room.

#8 Bring Things Back In

Bring some things back into the room that you took them out of. This is after you quieted a room, take a moment, and see what decor you’ve missed.

#9 Display Your Decor in Vignettes

Vignettes are groupings of three, five, or seven things of varying heights that you put together to draw your eye to them.

#10 Add Foraged Sticks, Greenery, and Florals

Display them in some sort of vessel like a vase or some other piece of pottery. Foraged things from nature are organically shaped usually. They will bring movement and life into your space.

#11 Use Fee Printables as Art

There are tons of these on the internet and you can just print and hang them using frames you already have around your house.

Using free art on the internet to hang in your house
Image credits: Home Made Lovely via Youtube

11 Ways To Decorate Using Stuff You Already Have

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