11 Spoon Tricks Everyone Should Know

11 Spoon Tricks Everyone Should Know | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube


Who would have thought a spoon has a lot more usage than simply eating food with it? From using it to peel a boiled egg and a kiwi to using it to prevent boiling water from spilling over, you’ll surely get blown away by this list from Smart Fox.


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I’ve been applying some of these in my daily routine, and my life has never been easier! Check out the following by watching the video below. Thanks, Smart Fox, for the following clever tips!


Put a spoon through the hang of the colander so it won’t slip when placed over large pots.

Securing a colander over a pot by using a spoon
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube


Cut the top and bottom of a kiwi, then take a small spoon and gently scrape it directly under the skin. Run the spoon right along, peeling off the skin from the fruit.


When you can’t open a can using your fingernail, use the tip of a spoon to pop it open.


Hold the head part of the spoon firmly and rub it back and forth along the top of a can where the can opener would normally go. After a while, the can would have a small opening. Now, carefully push the spoon inside to open up the can.


Remove a little shell off the top of a boiled egg, then insert the spoon inside to peel off the shell from the egg.



Just finish chopping some garlic and onion? Remove the odor by rubbing your fingers on a spoon.


Chill two small spoons in the fridge and once they’re cool, place them on your eyes. Leave them for a few minutes to help remove eyebags and dark circles.


Grab a spoon and fill it halfway with sugar, then add a little water. Place it in your garden to help tired bees regain their strength to continue flying back to their hive.


Remove the skin of a ginger effortlessly by scraping it off with a spoon.


Use the hole in the center of a pasta spoon to determine the exact portion of spaghetti noodles you need for one person.


Place a wooden spoon over a pot when boiling something. This will stop the water from rising any higher, preventing it from spilling over.

Placing a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water to avoid spillage.
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

11 Spoon Tricks Everyone Should Know

11 Spoon Tricks Everyone Should Know

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