10 Ways To Hide Money When Traveling

10 Ways To Hide Money When Traveling | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Specific Love Creations via Youtube


When traveling, it’s always nice to hide some extra money in case of unforeseeable circumstances. Luckily, I found this super helpful video from Specific Love Creations on how to hide money when traveling on Youtube. These tips for sure will come in handy, especially if you’re a frequent traveler or have an incoming vacation. Watch the video below to learn the following.


#1 Dental Floss

Pop the container open, remove the roll, then put your money in. Snap everything back together and put it with the rest of your bathroom products.

Hiding extra money inside a dental floss container
Image credits: Specific Love Creations via Youtube

#2 Toothpaste

Flatten the bottom part of a half-used toothpaste, take your money, and roll it up along with the tube. Clip it with a binder clip to secure it.

#3 Diaper

Take your wallet, wrap it up inside a diaper, and keep everything shut.

#4 Cards

Take out your cards and separate three of them. Now, take some money, fold it up, place it on one of the cards on the top, trace it, and trim it out. After cutting out the center, place them back on the deck and put the money in the center.


#5 Gum

Open up the package and pull out some of the gums. Now take out the actual gum from the wrapper and swap it with your money.

#6 Hairbrush

If you have a hairbrush that has a hardback and rubbery front, you can start removing that part with the bristles and put the money inside.

#7 Pen

Take your pen apart and insert your money inside.

#8 Chapstick

Carefully line the inside all the way out, pull it out gently, then use a knife to carefully pry the plastic out. Now, roll your money onto a dowel tightly and carefully insert it inside the tube. Re-insert the plastic piece, take the rest of the chapstick, and push it down.

#9 Bar Of Soap

Carefully take a quarter-inch drill bit and drill a hole straight to the center of the soap. (Do this very slowly so it won’t crack). Once you’re done, insert your rolled money inside. Take some drilled soap bits and gently push them inside to hide the money.

#10 Shower Gel

Twist the lid of your shower gel to pop it off. Take some money, fold it twice vertically, take your lid, and slowly stuff your money inside. Snap it back on and use your shower gel normally.

Inserting extra money inside the lid of your shower gel
Image credits: Specific Love Creations via Youtube

10 Ways To Hide Money When Traveling

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