10 Easy DIY Planters You’ve Never Thought Of

10 Easy DIY Planters You’ve Never Thought Of | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: HGTV Handmade via Youtube


Gardening can be very therapeutic with those cute planters that come with it. But these planters can easily become expensive, and I’m sure you would rather spend your money buying some rare succulents or some flower seeds. Luckily, this tutorial from HGTV Handmade on Youtube teaches us some amazing ideas on how to make cute planters or upgrade some old ones. No one will ever know that these planters are DIY – they look that cute! Check out the video below.



  • 1 – warm water, nail polish, marble toothpick, clear acrylic spray
  • 2 – egg cup, ceramic paint markers
  • 3 – mannequin head, paint, rocks & soil
  • 4 – rain boots, rocks & soil
  • 5 – a disco ball, hanger, plant box, rocks & soil, plant plate
  • 6 – white pots, red and yellow acrylic paint
  • 7 – plastic planter, spray paint, seashells, jute rope
  • 8 – toy animal, primer, some paint
  • 9 – terra-cotta pot, gray acrylic paint, white chalk paint, sandpaper
  • 10 – instant paper mache, primer, texture stone paint


Step 1

For the first idea, in a bowl with warm water, pour out some nail polish. Dip a marble toothpick into the bowl and start dragging the nail polish in different directions. Dip the planter into it, spray some clear acrylic spray, then dry overnight. For the second idea, draw some scalloped hair into an egg cup, draw an outfit to the body, then add a face. Lastly, place some succulents into it. For the third idea, cut the top of a mannequin head, then spray it with paint. Fill it with rocks and soil, then add a plant. For the fourth idea, fill rain boots with some rocks and soil, then add some plants. For the fifth idea, saw the top off of a disco ball. Remove the hanger of a hanging plant box, fill it with some rocks and soil, and add plants. Drill 3 holes on the disco ball for the hanging. Super glue a small pot to the bottom of the disco ball upside down, then glue a plate on top of the upside-down pot. Place the pot with plants inside, then attach the hanger.

Repurposed disco ball as a planter
Image credits: HGTV Handmade via Youtube


Step 2

Moving on with the sixth idea, paint a couple of white pots with red and yellow acrylic paint, then let them dry. Draw pineapple details on the yellow one and strawberry details on the red one. For the seventh idea, spray some paint into a plastic planter, then drill 3 holes for the hanging. Glue seashells all over the plastic planter. Tape the ends of the jute rope and then tie the ends. For the eighth idea, get a toy animal and cut a hole into it. Spray it with a primer, then paint. Fill it with rocks and soil, then add succulents. For the ninth idea, paint a gray acrylic paint into a terracotta pot, then a white chalk paint. Add a messy second coat to it. Sand the pot to get a weathered look, then stamp herb names. For the final idea, put some instant paper mache to plastic and massage it until clay consistency. After this, use it to design a face on a planter. Add some details and let it dry. After this, spray it with primer and textured stone paint.

Repurposed toy animals as planters
Image credits: HGTV Handmade via Youtube

10 Easy DIY Planters You’ve Never Thought Of

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