10 Dollar Store Sewing Hacks You Need to Know

10 Dollar Store Sewing Hacks You Need to Know | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Just Get it Done Quilts via YouTube


Whether you’re an experienced seamstress or just starting your sewing journey, there are plenty of ways to enhance your projects without breaking the bank—like these dollar store sewing hacks from Just Get it Done Quilts on YouTube.


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In this article, Just Get it Done Quilts will share 10 ingenious sewing hacks that you can achieve with items from your local dollar store. These clever tips will help you save time and money, making your sewing experience more enjoyable and efficient. From unexpected uses for common household items to innovative storage solutions, these hacks are designed to inspire and empower you to think outside the box.

#1 Pants Hanger

Store your oversized blocks or those row strips efficiently using a pants hanger from the Dollar Store.

#2 Gardening Tie

These flexible gardening ties are the perfect insert for your homemade cloth face masks.

Using gardening tie as face mask insert
Image credits: Just Get it Done Quilts via YouTube

#3 Project Tray

Look for a tray that has depth, handles, and can be stacked. Use this tray for storing active projects. You can just slip them away out of the way or they can be stacked depending on what your space is.

#4 Drawer Organizers

Look for drawer organizers in three different sizes. Use these to hold your fabric scraps.

#5 Clear Tablecloth

Spread this out over your quilt top and plan your quilting strategy away right on your quilt top.

#6 3M command strips and velcro

Attach the command strips horizontally to the wall and pin 3″ strips of the hook velcro at the corresponding spots on the quilt. After this, attach your quilt to the wall. This is an easy way to hang your quilt.

#7 Stationary

Get a foam and create a divider organizer for your threads and other little sewing gadgets.

#8 Magnetic Mirrors

Get two magnetic mirrors. Now, pop the mirrors out of their frames and cover the edges with electrical tape. Repeat it with the other mirror, then tape them together. Stand it to your fabric and move them around to see the possible kaleidoscope symmetry that you could incorporate in your piecing.

Using magnetic mirrors on quilting
Image credits: Just Get it Done Quilts via YouTube

#9 Glue Sticks

Using glue sticks is so much faster than hand-basting your fabric to paper.

#10 Doodle Paper

When sewing on a diagonal, it’s easier to sew it to a square piece of newsprint to help keep the shape. You can also print on your doodle paper your piece patterns.

10 Dollar Store Sewing Hacks You Need to Know

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