10 Winter Car Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

10 Winter Car Tips and Tricks You Need to Know | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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The winter season is almost here, and if you are living in an area where it snows a lot and has frequent snowstorms, it’s important to prepare. Here are 10 winter car tips and tricks you need to know by ChrisFix. Being ready can save you a lot of money, time, and energy. Plus, it keeps you safe during horrible weather. If you are someone who doesn’t like snow, you’ll find these tips very useful.


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Some of these tips are old-school and cheap that people have already been using in the past. One example is covering your side mirrors with zip-lock bags – they keep them from being frozen! All of these tricks work incredibly well. He will also show you how to remove snow from your car quickly without scratching the paint. Be sure to try these car hacks during winter!


1 – Make sure to have a full tank of fuel

You surely don’t want to run out of gas in bad snowy weather! It can also add extra weight to your rear axle for more traction.

2 – Always combat park your car in your driveway or parking spot

Combat parking is backing into your spot. This is super helpful so you don’t have to back out and you can go straight out. You can also clearly see any kids or cars in front of you.

3 – Make sure you have enough wiper fluid

This will help remove any snow or ice that may get on your windshield.

4 – Prevent doors and locks from getting frozen shut

The trick to avoid this from happening is to use a silicone lubricant. It is hydrophobic which means it repels water. Water will not freeze if it’s not there. Just get a paper towel and get your spray inside the lock. Spray a little and wipe with the towel.

To make sure the door doesn’t freeze shut, get a towel spray with the same product, and wipe into your weather stripping on the door and opening. Be careful not to put any silicone on your interior trim.

Prevent doors and locks from freezing
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5 –  Hood latches

Spray silicone to your hood latches. Spray enough to display enough liquid so you can easily open your hood. This is important as you need to jump-start your car a lot of times when the battery gets dead in the winter.

6 – Prevent your windshield and side mirrors from becoming a big sheet of ice

Grab a ziplock bag and cover your side mirrors tightly. For the windshields, lift your wipers and use a canvas windshield cover made specifically to keep snow and ice off the glass. You can also use garbage bags and painter’s tape.

7 – How to prevent snow from sticking in your shovel

Dry the shovel and wax it. Let it sit for 5 minutes before using.

8 – How to safely remove snow from the car

You can use a leaf blower for fresh powdery snow. But if you don’t have one, you can use a brush and cover it with a microfiber towel. Do not put any downward pressure on your brush.

How to safely remove snow from the car
Image by ChrisFix via YouTube

9 – How to remove snow from glass

Never use a scraper on your paint or side view mirrors, as you can damage them. Only use your plastic scraper on glass! If you don’t have one, you can use a credit card or gift card. Just use the edge so you don’t damage it.

10 – De-ice car windows

Never use boiling water! Fill a ziplock bag with warm water instead and slowly side the bag against the glass. You can also use this technique on your windshield, side view mirrors, and your headlights.



10 Winter Car Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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