Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Used Tea Bags

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Used Tea Bags | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Do you always drink tea at home? If you do, you probably always have used tea bags in your trash. Don’t throw them away next time, as you can use them for many things.

I love drinking tea as it has a lot of health benefits. Whenever I want to relax and calm myself after a stressful day, I drink a cup of chamomile tea and it instantly makes my day better. I, like most people, didn’t know that it has a ton of benefits.


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I only discovered them when I stumbled across Joy Home Remedies’ video on YouTube. There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t throw away used tea bags. You can use it for your garden, to repel pests, fix your lawn, and so much more! Next time you brew tea, do not throw them away. Learn about all its benefits by watching the video below.

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1 – Boost Plant Growth

Used tea bags are excellent fertilizers, as they can boost nitrogen levels in soil and promote healthy green foliage. You can mix steeped tea leaves right into the soil and sprinkle them directly around the base of your plants.

2 – Repel pests naturally

Did you know you can repel ants, slugs, and rodents using tea bags? Yes, you can! Sprinkle the wet or dry tea leaves directly into the soil. The caffeine in teas is a natural pesticide.

3 – Prevent fungal infections

Use chamomile tea as it has antifungal properties. Steep a few chamomile tea bags in water for about 16 to 24 hours. Transfer to a spray bottle, then lightly mist your plants with the solution.

How To Use Steeped Teabags In Gardening
Image by Joy Home Remedies via YouTube

4 – Aid seed germination

The tea leaves keep the seeds moist and provide essential nutrients. Just put the seed inside a damp tea bag, then place it in an area with direct sunlight. Once it is strong enough, transfer it into your garden.

5 – Food for earthworms

Burying used tea bags provides a great food source for earthworms.

6 – Lawn repair

Place a wet tea bag over any dead spots, then sprinkle lawn seeds on top.

Uses For Tea Bags In Your Garden (1)
Image by Joy Home Remedies via YouTube

7 – Natural weed control

Just place the tea bags around the base of your plants or directly over the weeds.


Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Used Tea Bags

Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Used Tea Bags

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