Why You Should Never Throw Away Coffee Grounds

Why You Should Never Throw Away Coffee Grounds | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Do you love drinking coffee, and do you make them at home? If so, now is the time to stop putting them in the trash. They have lots of uses that you probably don’t know! If you brew daily, you can gather tons of coffee grounds in no time. So here are the reasons why you should never throw away coffee grounds by Joy Home Remedies.



1. Neutralize odors

Neutralizing odors is one of the great ways you can use coffee grounds. Just put some in a bowl, then place it in areas where you want to eliminate odors, like inside the fridge. Leave it overnight to absorb all the bad smell. If you have smelly gym bags or shoes, just fill some sachets with coffee grounds and put them inside.

2. Tenderized meat

Did you know that coffee grounds are a fantastic way to tenderize meat? It gives them a smooth texture and makes them more palatable. Coffee grounds will help create tender and savory meals, whether you use it in marinades, as a dry rub, or mixed into wet rubs.

3. Exfoliate your skin

Using coffee grounds will cleanse away dead skin cells and increases circulation. Just add a small amount of water or coconut oil to your coffee grounds and gently rub them onto your skin. Leave it for several minutes, then rinse with warm water.

4. Scour your pots and pans

Try using coffee grounds next time your pans and pots when caked with food or grease.


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5. Fertilize your soil

Nitrogen, potassium, and sulfur are some nutrients coffee grounds have that make them an ideal addition to your garden soil. Simply sprinkle them into your soil.

6. Use it as a natural dye

It is an effective and safe alternative to artificial dyes. Mix it with hot water and let it cool off before you use it. The longer you let them soak, the darker the color.

Why You Should Never Throw Away Coffee Grounds Dyes
Image by: Joy Home Remedies


7. Repel insects and pests

If you are looking for a natural pesticide, coffee grounds are an excellent option. They effectively deter ants, spiders, mosquitos, fruit flies, and beetles.

Why You Should Never Throw Away Coffee Grounds Insects
Image by: Joy Home Remedies


8. Treat under-eye circles

Coffee grounds have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce puffiness, redness, and inflammation. It helps with fine lines and wrinkles too.

9. Repel fleas from your pet

It is also used as a natural way to repel fleas from your pet.

10. Compost it for later use

Just toss the used coffee grounds into a compost bin with other organic materials like vegetable scraps or leaves and put it outside in an area that gets sunlight and rainwater so it can break naturally into rich fertilizer.


Why You Should Never Throw Away Coffee Grounds

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