Viral Cake Cutting Hack Using Wine Glasses

Viral Cake Cutting Hack Using Wine Glasses | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Metro Co UK via YouTube


This viral cake cutting hack from TikTok is an inventive way to use wine glasses or any cups to cut and serve the cake. The user @theroseperiod on TikTok posted a video on her daughter’s 20th birthday before digging in. I think it’s so convenient and appropriate during this time of year with COVID-19 too. I love how cutting the cake with the glasses makes it much easier than having to cut with a knife for a perfect slice. Everyone can cut their own cake and choosing how big or small of a slice they want.


This new hack has been circulating all over social media, and it’s a great way to toast with cake in the wine glass. I love this new method because it makes cake cutting fun for everyone without having to create such a big mess either. The cake cutting technique has been shared all over social media platforms, and some people are using regular drinking glasses instead of wine glasses too. It’s interesting because I dislike the outside icing so, this hack is perfect for those that want to avoid all of the extra icing. It leaves the center part for those that love and want a piece of a whole cake piece.

I think it’s funny because it’s a “COVID free cake minus blowing out the candles. There are many ways to look at this cake cutting hack and make jokes about it, but I think it’s an ingenious idea that we might not look at a slice of cake in the same way again.

TikTok has become a platform where you can learn a lot of new hacks and ideas because a lot of people are becoming creative and using it to share new knowledge. I used to be against TikTok, but now I’ve been more open-minded about it after seeing this cake cutting hack.

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