No-Sew DIY Valentine Gnome Tutorial

No-Sew DIY Valentine Gnome Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Patti J. Good via YouTube


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s never too early to start on a valentine-themed craft. For starters, here’s a no-sew gnome by Patti J. Good on YouTube, I loved this craft so much because it can be used as a treat container that can be gifted to a loved one. It is also adorable, easy to make, and very cheap! You can use old or existing materials and repurpose them or you can go to the dollar store and hobby lobby for your supplies.



  • 4½ x 1¾ inches Craft paper tubes
  • 2 x 1¼ inches Wooden hearts from dollar tree
  • Felt heart
  • 11 x 5¼ inches Fabric, with hearts pattern
  • 1¾ wide x 1¼ long Faux fur, white
  • Pipe cleaner, pink and white
  • Chipboard, small
  • 8 x 8½ inches Plush fleece
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Beads, for hands
  • ½ inch (15mm) Bead, for nose
  • Paint, pink
  • Glitter
  • 6 inches Ric Rac


Step 1

Paint the wooden hearts with pink then sprinkle them over with glitters, let them dry, and set aside. Get the craft tube then glue them around the bottom, then attach to small chipboard, cut the chipboard around as close to the edge as possible. Get the fabric and fold the hem of each side about ½ inch and secure with hot glue. Lay the tube down on its side and place it on top of the wrong side of the fabric, roll it and glue on the folded hems, continue until you reach the end of the fabric.


Step 2

Take a  ric rac and fold it in half, open it then glue the middle at the bottom of the tube (make sure the hem is at the back and ric rac ends at the hem), take the faux fur and cut the beard in a u-shape, make sure that you cut behind the faux fur. Mark 1¼ inch from the top edge of the tube and glue the beard in that mark. Attach the 2 inches of wooden heart at the bottom of the tube, overlap the curved edges a little bit to make it look like little feet. Get the plush fleece, at the 8½ inches side of the hem, glue across about ½ inch thick then fold. Fold it in half then cut diagonally, make the right sides of the fabric face each other, then attach with hot glue, turn it right side out and poke the pointed corner, cut the top for a bit to make a small hole. Set aside.

Easy DIY Valentine Craft Tutorial
Image Credit: Patti J. Good via YouTube

Step 3

Twist the pink and white pipe cleaners with each other or for an easier method, insert one end of the pipe cleaners in the drill hold the other end and slowly turn the drill. Cut the twisted pipe cleaners to 5 inches, then fold it in half and pinch with pliers. Fold it back down and shape it into a heart, glue the two points/edge together. Get another piece of pipe cleaner, fold it about 1½ inches over the pointed edge of the heart, and secure with hot glue. Slide the pipe cleaner in the top hole of the hat down, cut the excess at the bottom, then bend the end back and glue to hide the edge.

Step 4

Take the 1¼ inch heart then attach the beads on each side of the heart diagonally, attach the other bead half an inch down from the top edge of the beard for its nose. Glue the heart into the beard at the bottom of the nose so that it looks like it’s holding a heart. The little felt heart goes to the bottom edge of the hat about 3¼ inch from the hem, insert the hat on top of the tube and pull it down until a bit above its nose, fold the hat straight down the side then fold the heart up again, glue the side of the heart onto the hat, and glue each side of the hat with each other as well. Take the hat off, then put candies and treats inside, then put the hat back. You can put a press ‘n seal on top and secure it with a small rubber band before putting back the hat on to avoid the candy from falling inside the hat if the gnome is flipped over.

Dollar Tree DIY Valentine Craft Ideas
Image Credit: Patti J. Good via YouTube


*These amazing images are all credited to Patti J. Good via YouTube. Check her other gnome tutorial and follow for more!

No-Sew DIY Valentine Gnome Tutorial

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