Turn Dried Pasta Into Macaroni Snacks

Turn Dried Pasta Into Macaroni Snacks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Macaroni is one food I really stocked up on for the quarantine and the first thing I ran out of was all my chips and ready-made snack foods. I had been searching on Youtube for a snack idea and I found this fried macaroni gem of a recipe by Parmeena’s Kitchen that looked really easy and delicious. The fried macaroni was basically just macaroni cooked in the traditional way of boiling then covered in dusted corn starch and fried to a crispy golden crunch. The fried macaroni snacks can then be put in plastic Ziplock bags and stored in the pantry along with all of your other dried goods. I thought it was such a wonderful idea and started planning out how I was going to make several flavors like adding zesty ranch dip mix to one bag, chili and cayenne to another, and one with just plain sea salt so the family could just pull out whichever flavor they wanted and crunch away while they were watching TV or doing their at-home learning activities.



  • Water
  • Oil (for the macaroni cooking water)
  • Salt
  • Macaroni (any pasta shape will work with this recipe if you do not have macaroni)
  • Corn starch
  • Oil (for frying)


You first boil your macaroni in water and cook thoroughly, then drain and place the macaroni in a mixing bowl and dust it with corn starch making sure to cover each piece of pasta.

Make homemade snacks of macaroni boiled then fried

Then you fry the macaroni in your choice of oil until golden brown and crunchy.

Make fried macaroni snacks for the family

This recipe makes wonderful snacks with very little effort using ordinary pasta of any kind.

Turn Dried Pasta Into Macaroni Snacks

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