Top 10 Quilting Accessory Tools You Need

Top 10 Quilting Accessory Tools You Need | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Just Get it Done Quilts


These are the top 10 quilting accessory tools you need to make your work easier and faster! All the fantastic items in this list are by Just Get it Done Quilts on Youtube. Some of these are even free but Karen Brown can attest that they work very well. Watch the video below for the full explanation of each item. Happy quilting!



1. Painter’s tape

The best solution for piercing is making a ledge out of masking tape. You can also add them to rulers so you can cut accurately or use them to level your batting and pick up threads.

Top 10 Quilting Accessory Tools You Need Painters tape
Image by: Just Get it Done Quilts


2. Electronics foam

Stuck with all the fluff on your mat after a project that involved batting? There’s an easy way to clean them using electronics foam. You can also use them to remove threads from a ripped seam without a lot of effort. This kind of foam has layers of large firm air pockets that are hard to compress and spring back when you do.

3. Clover stitch repair

It’s light with a grip spot on the handle. Point the red dot below the seam, and the pointy side in the seam allowance. You will be amazed how it slides perfectly!


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4.  Violet craft roller

This is a wallpaper seam roller, but it is the best to use in pressing the seams open when you don’t have an iron or just want to save yourself a trip to the ironing board. It is also useful for paper piecing.

5. High header square fabric

Use it anytime when you have 8 or more layers going through your machine. As you approach the bump, lift the foot and slide it underneath, so the presser foot is at the right level for all the layers.

Top 10 Quilting Accessory Tools You Need high header
Image by: Just Get it Done Quilts


6. Clover stiletto

This is the perfect tool to remove the paper piercing. Because it’s plastic, it breaks through the paper and the silicone tip helps to pull out small pieces.

7. Bohin 3 lead pencil

It’s a great marking tool as it has 3 leads for different colors of fabrics.

8. Self-threading needles

Keeping a self-threading needle nearby makes the job faster. It has a double eye with a slot on the top so you can just slip in your thread.

9. Quilting gloves

They are great for any time you are handling bulk to have more control when sewing.

10. 3-in-1 binding tool

This tool helps you crisp corners on your binding by managing both top and bottom fabrics.



Top 10 Quilting Accessory Tools You Need

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