Top 13 Camping Hacks That Actually Work

Top 13 Camping Hacks That Actually Work | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Camping anytime soon? If you are, you must learn these top 13 camping hacks by The Bear Essentials. We all know that camping is an adventure; we are not sure what is going to happen at any moment. Sometimes, even when we have all the things we need, it does not go as planned, so we have to be prepared no matter what happens.


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Learning about these camping tips will save you in those unexpected situations. Don’t get me wrong, camping is not as scary as it looks. It’s actually fun and addicting. Being outdoors is a great way to reconnect with nature and ground yourself. These tips are valuable information that any campers should know.

13 Genius Camping Tips

1 – Red toggle

Change one of the toggles into a red reflective piece of paracord. This way when there is an emergency, you’ll be able to find your medical kit quickly.

2 – Headlamp battery lamp

Change the direction of the middle battery while you store it in your pack. This way there is no risk of it accidentally getting turned on.

3 – The double rock

Take a medium-sized rock first and wrap the cordage around it. Next, get a bigger rock and put it right in front.

4 – The high point

Take the tag or smaller end and wrap it twice inside the loop that’s created. For the third wrap, go the same way but on the outside of the loop. Pull the bottom two in the opposite direction of the top one.

camping rope tricks
Image by The Bear Essentials via YouTube

5 – The drip line

Hang a line on that low point that goes down and right into the pot.

camping tips
Image by The Bear Essentials via YouTube

6 – Taut-line stowaway

When you pack up your tarp simply wrap up the line into a Hank and put the line neatly through that loop and you could tighten the whole thing.

7 – The Rip Fix

Grab your ripped end of the tarp and for the first one fold it in a loop back onto itself. Take your line, and thread it through the back side of that loop. Wrap it around and then underneath itself. Pull the rope.

You can also use a smooth rock. Wrap the tarp around it then tie a simple clove hitch with a quick release.

Top 13 Camping Hacks That Actually Work

top 13 Camping Hacks that ACTUALLY work

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