Top 10 Tips for Better Quilt Blocks

Top 10 Tips for Better Quilt Blocks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Fat Quarter Shop via Youtube


If you’re just starting out with your quilting career, Fat Quarter Shop on Youtube has some great tips for you! From having the right quilting supplies to checking the block size, I’m surer you’ll pick up a lot of techniques you can incorporate into your quilting early on. But even if you’re a seasoned quilter, I’m sure you’ll still be able to pick up some techniques you didn’t know. These were really helpful in my case, and I was able to quilt better blocks since doing some of these. Watch the video below to learn the following tips and techniques.


#1 Quilting Supplies

Make sure you have all the right tools before you start your quilt. For starters, your kit should have a seam ripper, rotary cutter, rulers, and pins. You can also use a 100% cotton thread.

Having the right and complete quilting materials before starting the project
Image credits: Fat Quarter Shop via Youtube

#2 Starching

Starched blocks tend to be much more accurate and firmer.

#3 Test Block

For example, you’re going to make 20 blocks in a quilt, cut only one block, then piece it. Once done, check everything, and when you’re satisfied, go ahead and cut all 20 blocks.

#4 Trimming Down

Put your ruler over your unit piece, then trim it down. All the inaccuracies will be taken out once you trim down your piece.


#5 Foundation Paper

Using foundation paper on your quilt project will give you 100% accurate blocks.

#6 Design Boards

Using a design board will make your quilting life easier. Instead of seam-ripping your pieces or accidentally sewing the wrong pieces, you can just use a design board to lay out your blocks first so you can see the whole design. This will also keep your pieces in place.

#7 Pinning

As you are piecing a block, pin it in place to keep your fabrics nice and in place.

#8 Accurate Seams

Make sure that whatever machine you’re using, you have an accurate quarter-inch foot.

#9 Pressing

Make sure to press really nice and flat.

#10 Check Block Size

Make sure to always measure your block at the end.

Checking the final size of the block to make sure it's correct
Image credits: Fat Quarter Shop via Youtube

Top 10 Tips for Better Quilt Blocks

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