Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: ChrisFix via Youtube


Who would have thought that even washing your car can scratch the paint when not done correctly? Worry no more, as ChrisFix on Youtube listed down some cleaning mistakes you should avoid. Watch the video below to learn these and share them with your loved ones.


#1 Taking Your Car to a Car Wash

These car washes are guaranteed to scratch your finish. Keep in mind that car washes are aggressive even the touchless type, where powerful jets of water slam your paint’s surface to remove the dirt.

Taking your car to a car wash can damage your car's paint
Image credits: ChrisFix via Youtube

#2 Cleaning Car in Direct Sunlight

If you’re going to clean your car, try to wait until the sun is just about to set. Cleaning in direct sunlight or when it’s hot, the car’s surface will become so hot, that the water you’re cleaning with will evaporate and leave marks on your paint.

#3 Using Kitchen Soap or Degreaser

These products are bad for your paint and will strip your protective wax coating.

#4 Not Using Lubrication

You could use a spray wax if your car finish is dry. For example, if you have bird poo in your car, never just wipe it off with a towel. Always spray some lubricant and wipe it off.


#5 Make Sure To Get Your Car Soaking Wet

When soaking your car, avoid using a power washer.

#5 Paper Towel, Old T-Shirt, Sponge, Bathing Towels

You don’t wanna use these in your paint. The only thing that should touch your paint is a microfiber towel or something with a similar softness.

#6 Not Cleaning From the Top of the Car to the Bottom of the Car

Always start cleaning your car at the top, then finish cleaning at the bottom. The one exception is you can when cleaning your rims first.

#7 Cleaning in a Swirling Motion

Pick a direction and clean in that direction. If you do it in a swirling motion, you’re most likely to see scratches at different angles.

#8 Using only One Bucket

You should at least use two buckets. One is for soapy water and the other is plain water for rinsing.

#9 Dropping the Towel on the Ground

When you drop your towel on the ground, it picks up all types of debris, which will scratch your car’s paint.

#10 Leather or Vinyl Cleaner

Never apply any chemicals to all things you need to grip onto, like the steering wheel or gas pedals.

Using chemicals to your steering wheel or gas pedals is bad for your car
Image credits: ChrisFix via Youtube

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

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