How to Grow Stronger Tomato Plants

How to Grow Stronger Tomato Plants | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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This hack has completely changed my tomato growing! This tutorial by Hoss Tools for adding hilling and calcium to your tomato plant gardening routine is absolutely game-changing. Hilling, your tomatoes isn’t the most common practice, but by adding this simple hack to your hilling technique, you can ensure your plants grow healthy and strong this season. By hilling your plants, you also get rid of any weeds in the garden by stopping their growth. Hilling is an older technique and can be done with a wheel hoe, a backhoe, or even just a rake.


Materials Needed For This Hack:

  • Calcium Nitrate Fertelizer
  • High Arch Wheel Hoe


Step One

Sprinkle the calcium nitrate fertilizer out to the side of your tomato plants. Be sure to sprinkle it on the dirt a few inches from the plant, not directly on the plant. Sprinkling the calcium directly on the plant can cause the leaves to get burn.

Sprinkle Calcium Nitrate On Soil Of Plants - Calcium Gardening

Image by. Hoss Tools via YouTube video.

Step Two

Take the high arch wheel hoe and run it over the tomato plants, covering some of the foliage to allow for better root growth. This will also allow the calcium to get into the soil so the plant roots can reach it. Use one pound of fertilizer per 100 sq ft.

High Arch Wheel Hoe - Gardening Hacks

Image by. Hoss Tools via YouTube video.


Step Three

Water your plants or set your sprinkler system up to water them. The calcium nitrate fertilizer is water-soluble so it can be filtered into a sprinkler system as well later on as the plants get larger. The calcium will work well in the water-soluble form once you have staked your tomatoes and they are too big to run the high arch wheel hoe over.

Grow Tomato Plants With Calcium Nitrate

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