Tips For Replanting Houseplants

Tips For Replanting Houseplants | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Let’s talk cactus. Succulents and other desert plants can be tricky but are so trendy, it’s worth learning the ins and outs to keep your plants alive. One of the hardest things to keep up with in cacti is when they are ready to be replanted. HGTV Handmade’s  Jade Adams will show you exactly how and when to re-plant your desert-dwelling cacti in the video down below.


To know your plant needs a new home, look for the following signs.

Your plant has roots growing outside of the pot, or around the bottom.

The plant might be top-heavy or have roots pushing it out of its pot.

Your plant may dry up quicker or grow slower year-round. There might also be minerals or salt build-up in the soil.

Materials Needed To Re-Plant

  • Your Plant
  • Indoor Potting Mix
  • A New Planter

You don’t want to use anything marked garden soil for your indoor house plants.

Size the planters up gradually. 2-3 inches in diameter for table-top plants, 4 inches for floor plants. Don’t oversize, it can lead to root rot.


Step One

Pick up your pot, and turn it sideways. make sure you have a good, but soft hold of the leaves of the plant.

Massage The Leaves Of The Houseplant - Houseplant DIY

Image by. HGTV Handmade via YouTube video.

Step Two

Massage the roots of the plant if it is in a garden planter. This will help loosen the roots grip on the pot. After you’ve given the pot a good massage, gently try to take the pot away from the soil.

Step Three

Place about an inch of soil into your new planter, then place your plant into the pot. Make sure the plant isn’t too deep into the pot.

Houseplants Repotting - Indoor Houseplants

Image by. HGTV Handmade via YouTube video.

Step Four

Once the plant is secure into the new pot, begin moving the leaves to place soil around into the excess of the pot. Once all the soil is in, give the plant a little water and place it into its new home in your house.

How To Re-plant Your Houseplants

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