Serve A Glitter Turkey At Thanksgiving With This Recipe

Serve A Glitter Turkey At Thanksgiving With This Recipe | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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If you are looking to glam up your turkey this holiday season, you have to try this Thanksgiving Glitter Turkey Recipe. Don’t roll your eyes yet, It’s edible glitter made by the awesome cake baking and decorating company called Wilton. So if you want to jazz up your seasonal meal, don’t even consider changing the traditional feast to another entree, like Salmon, Barbequed Brisket, or Lobster Thermadore for crying out loud. When this glam-rock take on the old seasonal bird hits your table the millennials at your table will be screaming for Malibu Barbie table decor! You only need a few ingredients, this bird is super easy. You just make your glitter mixture from 1 teaspoon of gum tex tylose powder, 4 tablespoons of boiling water, 1 bottle liquid pearl sheen or pearl dust, and your choice of food coloring. All of those are Wilton product, you can purchase them at any Michael’s craft store. Then you just do a rub, as you would any rub, but this one is glitter!


Learn to make a glitter turkey

This glitter turkey recipe is fabulous to look at and it tastes delicious, so remember if you like Dr. Pepper Cupcakes and Mountain Dew Brownies, you are going to love this Glitter Turkey, because it’s just confectionary decorative sugar you are adding, not real glitter, lol. I made this for a group of teenagers who had an early Thanksgiving get together at their school and it was a show stopper! I’m not even kidding, just go to hashtag, glitter turkey on Instagram, the kids love this glitter turkey.

How to Make A Glitter Turkey for Thanksgiving

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