She Sets Up A Fountain In A Big Planter And What She Does Next Is Fabulous (Watch!)

She Sets Up A Fountain In A Big Planter And What She Does Next Is Fabulous (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

The sound of a water fountain is the most tranquil sound there is and what’s better than to have one in your backyard to listen to while sitting outside? But not only is a fountain a great idea but what this gal does after she puts the fountain in is ridiculously cool!


If you live in a hot state like I do, succulents are the perfect thing to plant. The truth is that succulents are gorgeously colored, textural, easy to grow and offer an amazing amount of variety. It is proof that succulents can be lush and green, too!

Succulent planters are the perfect way to showcase these beauties, without them getting lost in the garden and if you add a fountain the way she does well, that’s just the icing on the cake! The gorgeous planter project should have you all rethinking succulents, and possibly cause you to run, not walk, to the nursery. Did I mention these plants are easy?

Note: If you want you succulent planter to stay outdoors all year, make sure you buy them from the nursery’s hardy stock, usually kept outside. The succulents you find in the greenhouse are not hardy, but can be used outdoors in the summer and brought inside for winter. They make great houseplants too!

This clever gal with Garden Answer shows you exactly how to do this in her step by step tutorial, so make sure to watch it!

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