Simple Wine Slushy Recipe

Simple Wine Slushy Recipe | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Hello, summer drink paradise! This wine slushie recipe by The Salted Pepper is delicious and you can get super creative with your wine and fruit combinations. You can use white or red wine, berries, apples, bananas, tropical fruits, or really any other combination you want to try.


Ingredients Needed For This Recipe:

  • Wine
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Ice


Step One

Begin by pouring two cups of wine into a blender. It can be any wine you’d like. In the video, The Salted Pepper starts with white wine.

Wine Slushy In Blender - Wine Recipes

Image by. The Salted Pepper via YouTube video.

Step Two

Add two cups of ice into the blender. It is important to do this as the second step so the wine blends into the ice.

Step Three

Pour your frozen fruit into the blender. You must use frozen fruit to keep a slushie consistency in the drink. In the video down below the creator uses frozen strawberries, but will also show you some other combinations to try.

Add Strawberries To Wine Slushy - Wine Recipe

Image by. The Salted Pepper via YouTube video.

Step Four

Turn the blender on and blend the mixture up for a full smoothie cycle, or until you get the slushie-like consistency that you want.

Step Five

Pour your slushie into a glass and enjoy in your favorite summer spot.

Easy Wine Slushy Recipe

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