7 Clever Sewing Tips and Tricks

7 Clever Sewing Tips and Tricks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Trefa Craft via YouTube


Sewing will now become easier with this compilation of easy and clever sewing hacks that you can try even if you’re a beginner! No more making mistakes and committing sewing mishaps when following this series of tips and tricks. Who knows, maybe you can even discover new crafts or tricks in sewing that you never knew before. These clever ideas are made possible by the incredible Trefa Craft on YouTube.



Tip 1:

To sew a zipper on fabric evenly, place the zipper on top of the fabric first and then mark where it reaches. Stitch the two fabrics together in the middle temporarily before sewing the zipper itself on both sides. Remove the temporary stitch in the middle and you’re done.

Image Credit: YouTube Trefa Craft

Tip 2:

If you want to cover the edge of your fabric without making it shorter or creasing the ends, you can get a small fabric and fold it in half then insert the edge of the fabric underneath the fold. Sew it in place and have a smoother edge without creasing.


Tip 3:

For easy pocket sewing, first, you have to match 2 fabrics evenly for the cover of the pocket, draw a pattern and sew it accordingly before cutting around, flip it under then set it aside. Take a fabric of the same design, fold and insert a different fabric underneath then stitch (this will be the inside of the pocket later). Using a pocket patterned fabric, sew all the pieces together.

Tip 4:

If you’re having a hard time cutting a soft silky textured fabric, you can first cut the bottom side of the fabric that you want to discard then pull one thread from it, this will leave a pattern for you that you can cut through with a scissor easily.

Tip 5:

To have a cleaner button stitch, first, you have to stitch the thread a few times on the area where you want your button to be, insert the thread through the holes of the button then sew it securely. To finish the stitch, encircle the thread around the button before locking the stitch behind it. This is more secure and looks neater.

Tip 6:

You can make an easy flower hair tie by cutting a thick fabric of your choice, folding it in half, and inserting a garter band in the middle of the fold. Sew at the top edge of the fabric first to lock the garter and avoid it from moving, stitch through the other end of the fabric and pull the garter to create little pleats. Tie both ends of the garter together then cut the excess.

Sewing tips and tricks idea
Image Credit: YouTube Trefa Craft

Tip 7:

Do you have loose sleeves and want to add some fun to them? Try inserting a small piece of fabric underneath the bottom sleeve, pin it in place then sew it in the middle then each side leaving two gaps beside the center stitch. Insert a string or tie through it and pull to create a nice ribbon on it.


*Images are all credits to Trefa Craft on YouTube. Visit their channel for more tutorials like these!

7 Clever Sewing Tips and Tricks

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