Sewing Hacks Using a Safety Pin

Sewing Hacks Using a Safety Pin | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Trefa Craft via YouTube


Do you love sewing as much as I do and wanted to find a good hack that you can do in just a few seconds? Today is your day because I have just what you’re looking for.  Lessen your trouble with this simple hack and sew anything easily, all you need is a safety pin and a rubber band which might already be available in your house. As a beginner in sewing, I sometimes encounter nuisance here and there, but luckily I found this amazing tutorial which was a clever idea made by Trefa Craft on YouTube, this trick is very easy, cheap, and effective! Let’s head on to the tutorial and if you loved this hack, share it with your friends too.



  • Safety pin
  • Mini rubber band


Sewing tip 1:

Unscrew the needle bar/clamp slightly, just enough to insert the body of the safety pin and lock it in place. Make sure that it’s attached with the end of the safety pin facing towards you. Insert a thread on the hole then start sewing, this will avoid your threads from tangling and will make it easier to sew especially for beginners. You can use and insert any type of thread in there; regular, yarn, garter, etc.

Sewing hacks with a safety pin
Image Credit: YouTube Trefa Craft

Sewing tip 2:

Tie an elastic hairband or mini rubber band on the end of a safety pin, then enclose it around the needle bar just right on top of the presser foot. The rubber band will avoid the safety pin from sliding across the throat plate. You can now use this as your DIY  guide bar if you’re sewing machine doesn’t have it yet. Sew your fabrics and clothes evenly with this.

Safety pin sewing hacks tutorial
Image Credit: YouTube Trefa Craft


*Credits to Trefa Craft on YouTube for all the images used here. Do visit their channel and watch out for more content like this!

Sewing Hacks Using a Safety Pin

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