9 Secrets to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

9 Secrets to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Joy Home Remedies


Wondering how you can have that fresh green grass for your yard or garden? Here are 9 secrets to keeping your lawn green and healthy by Joy Home Remedies on Youtube. These gardening tips and tricks will surely help you get the results you want. Read on to learn ways how to make your lawn in the best condition it can be.



1. Aerate your lawn

This involves using a tool with sharp metal tines or teeth on the bottom. It is used to remove small plugs from the soil so that the nutrients, water, and air can pass through the ground. It also helps prevent compaction (soil compressed together) that limits aeration and drainage. Do this at least once a year for a healthy lawn. If you have issues with compaction that need to be fixed, getting an aerator often may be necessary.

9 Secrets to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy Tips
Image by: Joy Home Remedies


2. Water properly

You need to soak your lawn properly and less frequently to encourage root growth. For most grasses, watering once a week during the hot season is fine. Take note that depending on the weather and soil type, you may need to water more often or less. Water your lawn early in the morning, allowing the sun to warm the soil quickly, and encourage deeper root growth.

3. When your lawn is wet, don’t mow it

If you do this, your lawn will be damaged. It can cause you to miss spots that lead to an uneven appearance of your lawn. Wait at least a day after rainfall or watering before you mow your lawn.

4. Cut the grass at the right height

For many types of grasses, the right height is 2 to 3 inches high. Remember that it should not be too short, so your lawn will not look bald. And not too long, as the water won’t penetrate the root easily and the grass may turn brown in the dry season or under heat stress conditions.


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5. Use natural lawn fertilizers

Consider using organic fertilizers if you want the best results for your lawn. You can make your own using composted materials from fruits and vegetable waste.

6. Keep your mower blade sharp

Many professionals recommend sharpening mower blades every 1 to 2 months.

7. Remove weeds regularly

If you don’t remove the weeds, they will grow and compete with the nutrients, sunlight, and water. They can also spread disease to your grass.

9 Secrets to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy Tricks
Image by: Joy Home Remedies


8. Grass-cycle your grass clippings

Leave the grass clippings after you mow your lawn. They can decompose and feed the soil.

9. Take care of pet problems

Urine from your pets can kill the grass and produce unsightly brown patches.



9 Secrets to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

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