He Spills Red Wine On His Shirt And Removes It With This Easy Solution (Watch!)

He Spills Red Wine On His Shirt And Removes It With This Easy Solution (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I think we’ve all spilled red wine on our favorite clothes and thought they were ruined forever. Well, the good news is there’s a solution!


Whether at a wine-tasting or your neighbor’s dinner party, if there’s red wine, it will end up on someone’s clothing or tablecloth. The key to removing red wine stains is acting quickly – the stain will be much easier to remove while it is still wet.

We’ve all been there with the inevitable red wine spills that turns into red wine stains. We watch it happen in slow motion as it unfolds in front of us with our eyes bulging in horror. It doesn’t matter when or where it occurs..at the end of the day, it happens, but it doesn’t have to be a colossal tragedy.

There are a couple of things you could do when you realize your red wine is everywhere except in your glass. First, of course, is to panic. Don’t panic! Even if red wine is all over your favorite shirt, it can be saved!

They say you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, but what they forgot to add was, “Don’t cry over hard-to-remove stains, either.” Some stains are stubborn, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t nix them with a little elbow grease and a washer and dryer.

This guy with eHowHome shows us exactly how he removed red wine from his shirt in his step by step tutorial…then he turned around and did it again! LOL! Story of my life!



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