Learn How to Make This Colorful Rail Fence Quilt

Learn How to Make This Colorful Rail Fence Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Rail Fence quilt pattern designs are perfect for the beginning quilter because you build skills and create a fun quilt to boot! This is a free sewing project tutorial that shows you what it looks like as well as how to make a rail fence quilt.


For more experienced quilters, this design is fast and easy–perfect for that unexpected baby quilt. It offers opportunities to play with fabrics and color values and then see the results quickly.

When the units are color blocked, it’s a scrap quilter’s little piece of heaven. Whether the block is created from just two strips or many, this nifty, little ‘beginner’ rail fence quilt pattern has a lot of offer any quilter, no matter their skill level.

This is an easy quilt pattern that’s a cinch to customize. Each quilt block is made up of four segments cut from strip pieced fabrics, making it simple to estimate yardage requirements if you’d like a larger or smaller quilt. In its purest form, a rail fence block is made up of parallel strips of fabric. Since the blocks are directional, you can rotate them in your arrangement to make creative secondary patterns.

These blocks involve minimal cutting and piecing, and they use the technique of strip piecing, which is a handy, time-saving method to have in your toolbox.

Watch how this lady with Fons and Porter makes this Rail Fence Quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making yours!

Rail Fence Quilt Tutorial


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