How to Make a Simple Puppy Dog Quilt

How to Make a Simple Puppy Dog Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Imaged credit: Crazy Dave's Crew on Youtube


Dogs are one of the best mood boosters for any animal lover. They can come in many shapes and sizes, but nonetheless, they are the cutest. One could say that they are a man’s best friend. I recently started the quilting hobby, and I wanted to challenge myself to make something that I love. On YouTube, I came across this simple puppy dog quilt block from Crazy Dave’s Crew that makes cute dog patterns from half-square triangles. It was such a fun and easy process that I added it to more quilt projects! Cute and easy blocks that start with the Magic 8 half square tick that most beginners love.



  • 2, 10 ½ inch fabric
  • Measuring board
  • Ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Sewing machine
  • Cloth iron
  • Iron board
  • Pins


Prepare all the needed materials.

materials for puppy dog quilt
Image crew: Crazy Dave’s Crew on Youtube

Cut the 10 ½ inch fabric halfway and cut each part in half to make 4 equal parts. Cut each square diagonally to make triangles. This project will need 7 triangles. Leave 2, 4 ½ inch squares for later.

Pair one dark triangle with one lighter triangle and sew them together in a diagonal cut.

Once sewn, press each block with the iron and cut into 4 ½ inches using a rotary cutter. Lay the fabric blocks as seen in the picture. You can choose to use the light or dark sides for the dog and the background. Chain-stitch each fabric block row by row and sew each of the 3 parts together.

Neatly press each block and seam of the whole project using an iron. Pin together each row and press the seams nice and flat to match up. Sew each row together and press neatly with the iron.

Once pressed, square up the project to be twelve and a half inches in size and personalize the dog’s face with anything you want.

how to make a puppy dog quilt
Image credit: Crazy Dave’s Crew on Youtube

Finally you have a puppy dog quilt! You should show it off to your friends. Be proud that you made something by hand.

How to Make a Simple Puppy Dog Quilt

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