Costume Sewing Tutorial – Poodle Dog Skirt

Costume Sewing Tutorial – Poodle Dog Skirt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is so easy and doesn’t require a pattern, so if you’re needing a poodle dog skirt for your costume or a circle skirt, this one is perfect!

If you don’t know what a poodle skirt it’s a wide swing skirt, usually made of felt, which has a design appliqued to, or ironed on, the fabric.


The skirt is usually black, pink, or powder blue. The design is frequently a French poodle, but flowers, flamingoes, or hot rod cars are sometimes used. The hemline is most often to the knee or slightly below it.

Poodle skirts first appeared on the fashion scene in the 1950s. The skirts quickly became popular with high school-age girls. The teenagers wore the skirts to their classes and to school dances which, in the 1950s, were known as sock hops.

The poodle skirt trend caught on with many movie stars. Photographs of them wearing poodle skirts appeared in magazines and tabloids.

I saw several poodle dog skirt ideas on Pinterest and there is a no sew poodle skirt, if you don’t have a sewing machine, so check that out.

Watch how Kristen makes this circular skirt in her step by step tutorial and then you can attach your poodle dog if you’re using it for your costume!

How to Make A Poodle Dog Skirt



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