Pickle Bouquets And Pepperoni Roses Are A Thing

Pickle Bouquets And Pepperoni Roses Are A Thing | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This Valentine’s Day, why give roses or something traditional like chocolate when you can present your sweetie with a bouquet of Pickles instead? Complete your arrangement with pepperoni roses and you pretty much win Valentine’s Day, you know? If they don’t quite LOVE you yet, they are about to…


Yes, pickle bouquets are a real thing. Check out the photos below and see for yourself. This pickle company seems to have started the trend, but several other Instagrammers have followed suit with super creative arrangements using pickles, complete with tips on making your own DIY pickle bouquet. Grab some skewers, some pickles in different shapes and sizes, the if you are going for the win with the meat roses, choose his or her favorite snacking salami or pepperoni to make the roses. Are you ever going to impress this year, just wait.

Big dill pickles, small gherkins, cute little tiny pickled anything. If you like, add in some artichoke heart roses, sticks of skewered kalamatas, rows of green olives on a stick. This bouquet will only be limited by your creativity. I added a supply list below so you can grab what you need to make this.

NOTE: This bouquet is pretty much perfect no matter how you make it, but I wanted you to know it is the ideal gift for anyone who has gone low carb or keto this year. Sugarfree or at least low in carbs, these pickle flowers won’t break that diet, then the high protein meat roses are sure to be a well-received treat, too.

The only question will be how many Pepperoni roses would be most appropriate. Do you mix in artichoke roses or keep it simple? I am thinking a dozen meat roses, minimum. Mmmm.

Grillos pickle company seems to have started this pickle bouquet trend and here is one of my favorites. They even ran a contest last year for the best pickle bouquet and gave away $750 to the winner. I sure hope they have another contest this year, because I will be making at least two awesome pickle bouquets, anyway.


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? CONTEST ? ?BE OUR VALENTINE!!♥️ Show us how much you love @grillospickles and get a chance to win a HUGE romantic getaway (or regular getaway) valued up to $750.00. Be as creative as you possibly can! Contest will start Saturday 2/9 and end on Valentine’s Day 2/14. Winner will be announced on 2/15! Tag your friends. 1. Must be following @grillospickles 2. Show us why you should be our Valentine.(bouquets welcome) 3. Must tag @grillospickles in your post. . #allnatural #vegan #fatfree #kosher #glutenfree #raw #glutenfreevegan #eater #eatfamous #yougottaeatthis #foodbeast #buzzfeast #treatyoself #lovefood #huffposttaste #devourpower #food #foodporn #spoonfeed #feastagram #foodandwine #feedyoursoull #zagat #hypefeasts #eeeeeats #pickles #foodprnshare #forkyeah

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These pepperoni roses have officially stolen my heart and I am going to be very upset if I get a dozen red ones and a box of chocolate this year.


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Find someone you love enough to make a #picklebouquet for. Check those ‘roni roses though! #luckyman #valentine ?: @grillospickles

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A pickle bouquet has to be the best Valentine’s gift idea ever created.

Mix in some floral pretties if you must, but whatever you do, don’t forget the pickles.

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Bacon Roses Pickle Bouquet is the gift I decided upon for my husband. The pickle bouquet is a new concept, so I had to dig into my creativity along with some tips from @koreangold and @craftbazaar. The roses are made from hickory smoked bacon and applewood smoked bacon. The pickles are all dill. I used olives stuffed with bleu cheese and olives stuffed with anchovies. I also used some pickled red peppers and carrots to add color to my pickle flowers. Enjoy! #picklebouquet #picklebouquetsofinstagram #baconroses #baconrose #BaconRosePickleBouquet #mangift #picklelover #PickleLoverGift #mensvalentinesday #baconlover #pickleobsession #anchovyolives #bleucheesestuffedolives #dillpicklesflowers #diyvalentines

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Here is the shopping list for your DIY pickle bouquet:


Greenery with leaves

Pepperoni, salami or other round cold cut.

Container for bouquet

Artichoke Hearts (optional)

Flowers (optional)

Olives (optional)

Not only is this gift awesome, it really does not take too long to make. Plus, it’s fun. Be sure to take lots of photos and send one my way when you do!

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