How to Paint a Sunset on a Small Wooden Button

How to Paint a Sunset on a Small Wooden Button | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Annamoon FineArt on Youtube


The idea of having a painted button stitched into your shirt may be appealing to you. It would be a fascinating topic of conversation. I like it because it’s unique and amusing, but also because it’s a little bit artsy. Annamoon FineArt, a rock painting specialist on YouTube, shows us how to paint a sunset using a button instead of a rock. Once you learn how to dab the layers, the method is basic and straightforward. In addition, she claims that painting a sunset is an impossible mistake. Try it out!



  • Brush with a rounded tip
  • Acrylic paint tubes
  • A small wooden button
  • Water in a small spray bottle


Line a level surface with parchment paper and place your little wooden button, or if you prefer, a small pebble, on top. You’ll want to paint it white first. The sky is where we begin. Using a mixture of blue, magenta, and titanium white, paint a pinkish violet sky on the rock. Just a gentle swab of the button’s surface is all that is needed.

materials for painting a sunset on a button
Image credit: Annamoon FineArt on Youtube

Then, apply a mixture of white and magenta paint to the pinkish clouds. Blend the surface next to the violet sky with a swab of your finger to make it appear as though there are clouds above. You can use an embossing tool if the button keeps moving.

Lighten up your horizon by sprinkling some titanium white over it. The sky should have a tinge of cadmium yellow added to it.

The sky can benefit from some blue features painted in using a size one brush. Small circles of white and magenta are painted with the same brush. Then, begin painting yellow below the horizon. Make sure that the sky and the horizon appear to merge seamlessly.

Add a dash of magenta to the yellow and paint it over the yellow layer to get an orange. Then, from the top of the button to the bottom, use a deeper orange paint.

directions on how to pain sunset on a wooden button
Image credit: Annamoon FineArt on Youtube

It’s all about playing with the sky and horizon to create the appearance of sunsets. Paint the far hills on the bottom layer using a blue-magenta mix. The final step is to use black acrylic to paint pine tree silhouettes. The hills might use some black accents.

Voila! You now have a sunset-themed button.

How to Paint a Sunset on a Small Wooden Button

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