Outdoor Water Wall DIY Using an Old Shower Door

Outdoor Water Wall DIY Using an Old Shower Door | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: eva monroe


Been wanting a water feature on your deck, porch, or garden space? Here is an outdoor water wall DIY using an old shower door by eva monroe on Youtube. The soothing and relaxing sounds of the flowing water will reward you once you finish this beautiful project! You can even add lights for a lovely accent at night. Watch the video below for the full instructions.




  • 6 pieces of – 2 x 8 nominal size (will be cut into measurements depending on your preference for the box and sides of the water wall)
  • 1 piece – 2 x 12 nominal size (divider)
  • 1 piece – 1 x 1 nominal size (place for the glass to sit in between)
  • 1 x 8 nominal size- for framing
  • 1 roll of rubber tubing
  • 6 pieces – C-clamps
  • table saw
  • drill
  • pond liner
  • pump
  • river rock
  • lights
  • old tempered glass shower door (do not use acrylic or plastic)
  • nails
  • hammer
  • silicone (if the door has a hole)

Note: Make sure that your pump has the power to push the water up as high as your fountain. The measurements of the box depend on the glass door.


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Step 1:

Create 2 boxes of the same size using the 2 x 8 wood pieces. So 4 pieces for the width and 4 pieces for the length of the boxes. Once you have the boxes, cut 3 pieces of the same size as the pieces you used for the length of the box length to cover the bottom. Then stack the two boxes together. With the other 2 x 8 wood, create the sides and top of the water wall. Make the sides an inch taller than your glass.

Outdoor Water Wall DIY Using an Old Shower Door Materials
Image by: eva monroe


Step 2:

Using the 2 x 12 wood, make a divider for the glass and the rocks. Measure the inside width of the box, from one end to another. Cut the wood and place it just in front of the glass holder.

Step 3:

Using the 1 x 1, make a holder for the glass, this will be 2 pieces of wood that you will attach to the bottom center. Make sure the space between the two is just as thick as the glass. Once done, paint everything in black.

Step 4:

Take the pond liner and line 1 side of the box where you will put the glass.

Step 5:

Sit the glass in between the holder. Add some screws on the top front and back to secure the glass.

Step 6:

Cover the hole of the glass door with silicone.

Step 7:

Drill the holes on the tube and where you will put the C-clamps, 3 pieces on the top and the other 3 for the sides. Attach the rubber tubing using the C-clamps.

Outdoor Water Wall DIY Using an Old Shower Door Tutorial
Image by: eva monroe


Step 7:

Make the framing of the water wall using the 1 x 8. Once done, paint in black and attach to the sides and top. Place the rocks on the divider and attach the pump and you are done.



Outdoor Water Wall DIY Using an Old Shower Door

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