Old Fashioned Peach Jello Salad Recipe

Old Fashioned Peach Jello Salad Recipe | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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This old-fashioned peach jello salad recipe by Cooking With Shotgun Red on YouTube is made with a total of 7 ingredients. It’s a peach dessert that’s inexpensive to make and it’s a no-bake recipe. You can use fresh or canned fruits and it’s a cool and refreshing dessert to have after a heavy or light meal. I love how the jello salad looks with the 2 different layers, and it’s a low-calorie dessert. Jello is one of my favorite desserts to have when I am on a diet because there are barely any calories in it.



  • 2 Small Boxes Peach Jello
  • 2 Cups Boiling Hot Water
  • 1 Large Can Peach Pie Filling or Fresh Peaches
  • 1 Small Can Crushed Pineapple (drained)


  • 8 Oz Cream Cheese
  • 8 Oz Sour Cream
  • 3/4 Cups Sugar


First, in a large bowl, mix peach jello and hot water until it dissolves. Add in peaches or peach pie filling and crushed pineapples to the jello mixture. Once mixed, store in the fridge for 3 hours or until it sets. Continue to watch Cooking With Shotgun Red tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

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Image by Cooking With Shotgun Red via YouTube


Next, pour the whipped cream topping on the chilled salad and then top with chopped pecans. Chill for another 30 minutes and serve.

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Image by Cooking With Shotgun Red via YouTube

Overall, this is a great summer or springtime dessert salad recipe that is light and fluffy. This is amazing year-round as well, and you can use strawberries if preferred. I think it would be a nice chilled dessert that will beat any heat. Plus, it would taste good with other fruits or a combination of fruits. Jello salads are always fun to make because they are quick and easy. This would be a nice dessert for a family gathering or potluck.

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