Mix and Match Quilt

Mix and Match Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Jordan Fabrics


Quilting is so much fun as you get to try different designs every single time. Here’s a mix and match quilt tutorial by Jordan Fabrics for your next project. It’s super easy to make and follow. Watch the video below for the step-by-step instructions by Donna.



  • 120 pieces of 5″ charm squares
  • 2 yards of background fabric
  • 1/2 yard of binding
  • 2 yards of backing


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Step 1:

You will need 4 pieces of 5″ charm squares to make one block. Get 2 pairs in different colors of charm squares. Sew the first pair along the two sides. Repeat with the second pair of charms.

Mix and Match Quilt Tutorial
Image by Jordan Fabrics


Step 2:

Cut each stitched pair in half then trim /2″ off one edge. Open the blocks and press seam allowances toward the darker fabric. Lay each of the patchwork right sides together – light on dark and dark on light. The seam allowances should nest. Cut each pair in half diagonally in opposite directions.

Step 3:

Swap the pieces around to make 4 squares, then stitch the 4 triangle pairs together along the diagonals. The seam allowances do not nest when stitching the seam, so match the intersection.

Mix and Match Quilt Project
Image by Jordan Fabrics


Step 4:

Open the patchwork units and press the seam allowances to one side. Press all in the same direction, then trim off the dog ears. Next, trim each block to 4″.

Step 5:

Sew the 4 blocks together matching the intersection and press with an iron. The block should measure 7 1/2″ square.

Step 6:

Repeat with the remaining squares for a total of 30 patchwork blocks.

Step 7:

For the background, cut 2 pieces of 11 1/2″ strips with the width of the fabric. Subcut to 5 pieces of 11 1/2″ squares, then cut each square along both diagonals to get 18 side-setting triangles.

Step 8:

Cut 1 piece at 6″ long with the width of the fabric. Cut each along one diagonal to get 4 corner triangles. Next, cut 4 pieces at 7 1/2″ with the width of the fabric. Subcut to 20 pieces of 7 1/2″.

Step 9:

Layout and sew the blocks and triangles just like in the picture of the finished quilt.


Mix and Match Quilt

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