Make A Quilt Sandwich With Pool Noodles

Make A Quilt Sandwich With Pool Noodles | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Love making quilts but often find you are short on space to properly lay out all the pieces? Try this shortcut for rolling out fabric to make a quilt sandwich in a small space. Use dollar store pool noodles to keep everything in place for simplifying your pinning. The fabric rolls around the pool noodle with ease because the material a noodle is made of has some structure but with give. I had previously tried dowels and even cardboard but like this solution best, plus it is inexpensive. Definitely nice to have this option, since before trying this, I found myself having to bend over on the floor since that was the only place I had enough space to properly sandwich material. With this DIY idea, I can use the table instead, which is much easier on the back and knees.


Now, if I can just keep the grandkids away since they love playing with the multicolored toys I brought into my house. For a nifty quilting hack, I highly recommend trying this idea. Would love to know what you think when you do, please let me know how the quilt sandwich trick works for you.

How to Make A Quilt Sandwich

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