9 Clever Life Hacks With Clothespins

9 Clever Life Hacks With Clothespins | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Linda Home via YouTube


Did you know there are more clever ways to use clothespins aside from hanging clothes? These life hacks from Linda Home on YouTube using clothespins will absolutely blow your mind! From organizing small items to turning them into a coaster, I’m sure you’ll pick up a thing or two once you watch this video.


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Curious now? Check them out by watching the video below! Share them also with your friends and family. Thanks to Linda Home for these amazing clothespin life hacks.


You can use clothespins to roll stranded cotton for cross-stitching to organize them.

Rolling the cross-stitching yarn to a clothespin
Image credits: Linda Home via YouTube


Attach a small magnet to some clothespins using hot glue and put them in the refrigerator. Use these to hold some important bills, receipts, notes, or even pictures.


Clip the nail to the clothespin, then hold the clothespin while you hammer down the nail safely.


Take a very thin wire, fold it, hold the two ends with a clothespin, and use this to thread a needle easily.


Take two clothespins, attach them parallel to one another with some hot glue, and then use this to roll and organize a wired headset.


Take four clothespins, attach them in to twos (like in the photo), and then use them as a cellphone stand.

Turning the clothespins into a phone stand
Image credits: Linda Home via YouTube


Disassemble a bunch of mini clothespins (don’t throw the chains), then attach the pieces to one another in a circular, flat form with hot glue. You now have a wooden coaster.


Put the chains (from the coaster project) together and put it in a hanger. Use this to hang more hangers to save closet space.


Add some clothespins to a hanger and use this to hang multiple pairs of socks.

9 Clever Life Hacks With Clothespins

9 Clever Life Hacks With Clothespins

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