She Makes An Easy Jelly Roll Quilt That Is Perfect For Beginners (Watch!)

She Makes An Easy Jelly Roll Quilt That Is Perfect For Beginners (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is a perfect quilt for beginners to start with, but whether you’re a beginner at quilting or not, it’s still a lovely quilt! No joke. the easiest quilt to make!


This is a fast way to make a cute quilt for a baby gift…even faster, since it’s smaller than your average quilt size. Who wouldn’t love to receive this fabulous quilt for their baby? I’ve even seen people turn these quilts into tote bags!

A jelly roll, another name for a set of 2.5″ pre-cut fabric strips, is a great time saver for many quilters. With the fabric already cut and coordinated, all that’s left to do is sew together the strips into a fantastic quilt top.

Jelly roll quilts are one of the most popular free quilt patterns around. The pre-cut fabric scales back the time it takes to make a quilt and allows a quilter to make complex designs without a complex process. More importantly, making an easy quilt using pre-cut fabric is a great way to learn new quilting and sewing techniques, since you can focus on piecing and designing without the added stress of measuring and cutting fabric.

Never underestimate the difference that the right quilt can have on a room. Throws and lap quilts can tie a room’s general decor together or brighten the atmosphere. Not to mention the fact that they’re great for snuggling when the winter cold sets in.

Watch how Melanie Ham makes this easy quilt in her step by step tutorial and you can get started making one of these for you and your family!


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