How To Wrap Gifts In 3 Ways

How To Wrap Gifts In 3 Ways | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Gift wrapping can be hard to do if you’re not used to it, but also there are many items that are awkward shaped. Practically Perfect on YouTube shows how to wrap gifts like a pro in 3 different ways: the perfect wrap, the paper hack, and the awkward-shaped gift. There are basic wrapping styles to perfect your own wrapping, but I love watching people wrap gifts because everyone has their own ways that might be easier to follow. Christmas is that time of the year where many people avoid gift wrapping, and just throw the presents in a bag, but wrapping gifts in a box makes it more special.


The perfect wrap:

It’s easier to wrap gifts in a box because they are nicely shaped as well. Line up the wrapping paper with the boxes symmetrically and fold in the paper at the bottom to fit the shape. Continue to watch Practically Perfect on YouTube for full instructions and details.

The paper hack:

How To Wrap Gifts In 3 Ways - Gift Wrapping IDeas - Awkward Shaped Items
Image by Practically Perfect via YouTube

Measure the wrapping paper with the box to ensure the right amount of paper being used. Instead of meeting the wrapping paper in the middle, avoid excess scraps by moving the box to the bottom edge. Start with the gift face down so there’s a clean front when opening. Fold over the wrapping paper onto the other one, and create your own straight edge with a fold. Use double-sided tape for this paper hack, use three pieces of tape to avoid bulges in the middle. For the side wrapping, start folding from the bottom, and use one piece of tape on the bottom flap. Always fold your own straight edge. There are many other paper hacks in Practically Perfect tutorial to follow along with as well.

The awkward-shaped gift:

Quick and Easy Gift Wrapping - Tips and Tricks on How To Wrap A Gift
Image by Practically Perfect via YouTube

There are many gifts that I buy that are awkward shaped such as candles and mugs. The gift wrap piece should fit the diameter and length (with overage) of your item. Fold around the edges and pinch. Then, use circle cutouts (in the same pattern) to cover the ends. Place the folded end down and repeat.

Overall, there are many ways to gift wrap, but this video is a great tutorial to show you 3 different ways on how to find what’s perfect for you.

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