How to Start a Fire Pit the Easy Way

How to Start a Fire Pit the Easy Way | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by DIY with Cam via YouTube


Are you going to have a bonfire or campfire soon and still don’t know how to start one? No worries, as DIY with Cam will show you how to start a fire pit the easy way. You don’t need any fire starters, special equipment, or lighter fluid – just a regular lighter and a few pieces of paper and cardboard will do the work for you. The steps are super simple. Plus, it works fast with little smoke every time. With this trick, you no longer have to spend several minutes to get it started. Read on or watch the video below for full instructions.



  • dry firewood (make sure it’s dry)
  • pieces of paper
  • cardboard
  • kindling
  • lighter


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Step 1:

Place two logs in the bottom of your fire pit parallel to each other with a little bit of space in between. Next, place another two on top 90 degrees to the first set. Make sure they are also spaced.

How to Start a Fire Pit the Easy Way Tutorial
Image by DIY with Cam via YouTube

Step 2:

Crumple pieces of paper and cut the cardboard into small pieces. Place them in the center of the logs on the bottom of your firepit. These will act as your igniter fuel.

How to Start a Fire Pit the Easy Way Tip
Image by DIY with Cam via YouTube

Step 3:

Put kindling across the top, covering the center of the logs.

Step 4:

Take your lighter and light the paper and cardboard pieces on the bottom. All you need to do now is wait. The fire will spread up and start burning the kindling.

It will start burning from the top down because the kindling is going to catch fire first. Once the kindling has a fire burning, the bottom logs are going to start catching fire.

If you liked this simple technique and it worked for you, go ahead and visit DIY with Cam on YouTube and subscribe to his channel. 

How to Start a Fire Pit The Easy Way

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