How to Sharpen Any Knife

How to Sharpen Any Knife | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: TAOW via YouTube


For people whose passion and hobbies are cooking or preparing food, the most important thing to have is a knife. To be able to prepare the dishes well, then you should have a pretty sharp knife. Dull edges can get in the way with slicing and chopping, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because this tutorial by TAOW on YouTube will surely make it easier for you to sharpen dull knives as quickly as 1 minute. After using this method, your knives will be very sharp that they will pass even the paper test.



  • Bench grinder or power drill
  • Plywood
  • Pencil
  • Wet stones
  • White polishing compound


Step 1

Prepare your plywood, mark the center and measure a 15cm diameter round pattern. Cut out the shape of the disc and set it up on the bench grinder mount. Turn the machine on and lightly chisel the side of the wooden disc, this will trim any excess and rough surface. Before using it to sharpen a dull knife, make that the turn faces away from the knife, otherwise it would be chipped by the knife. Cover the disc with a polishing compound, this will make the knives shiny and remove any unwanted material on the surface of the knife. Apply less pressure when sharpening the knife and hold it at constant angles for both sides.

Sharpening knife tutorial
Image Credit: TAOW via YouTube


Step 2

Another method is by using wet stones, making sure that the stones are moisturized before using. Using both of your hands, lay the knife at an angle on the stone and glide it back and forth. This method is for those who want to sharpen their expensive knives and don’t want any materials from them to come off. However, this method uses more pressure and is aggressive than using the grinder.

The fastest way to sharpen a knife
Image Credit: TAOW via YouTube


*All images used here are all credited to TAOW on YouTube. Follow their page for more tutorials like this one.

How to sharpen any knife easily

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