How to Sew Oversized Hot Pads

How to Sew Oversized Hot Pads | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Stop gambling with your hands on whether your pots or kitchenware are no longer hot. Instead, we give you Pin, Cut, Sew’s sewing tutorial to make large hot pads. Say goodbye to 1st-degree burns and make life a little bit easier.  They’re good for when you’re cooking  casseroles for a big number of people at your party.



  • two or three fabrics
  • pencil
  • Rotary cutter 
  • Scissors 
  • Mat Mat Mat
  • Cotton Quilt Batting 
  • Pins 
  • Cloth iron 
  • Masking tape
  • Ruler 
  • Walking foot
  • Wonder Clips


Lay the main fabric on your mat. Measure with your ruler and pencil 13×18 inches and cut it with a rotary cutter.  With your cotton batting, double it by folding it once. Use your main fabric as a guide and adjust the cotton batting to an inch larger. Cut the excess cotton batting fabric.

For your second fabric, this will serve as your backing fabric.  Place your second fabric under your main fabric and cotton batting and cut it to the exact size of the batting.  Take out your pins and pin them over every couple of inches and through all layers.

materials for making oversized hot pads
Image credit: Pin, Cut, Sew on Youtube

Face the layered fabric vertically and use your ruler to find the center half. To make it easy, mark the top first, then the bottom, and the middle, and go ahead to use it as a guide for the line.  Mark the line with a pencil or masking tape and mark 1 inches across it.

With your sewing machine, sew the first vertical line you marked. Then, following through on your vertical stitched line, sew 1 inch apart vertical lines beside it on both sides until you reach the end. Smooth the fabric as you go.

When you are done, lay the fabric again on your mat. With your rotary cutter and ruler, cut off the excess 1-inch cotton battering edges to make a right-sized rectangle.

For the binding, use the extra backing fabric. Cut 4, 2 ½ inches wide strips a little longer than your main fabric. To achieve a seamless binding, turn the edged diagonally with a longer and shorter strip to make a right angle. The top layer strip should be inside out.  Pin both ends together to sew. Leave a quarter-inch overlap. Trim the triangle part off, including the dog ears. Follow the same process again for the other end; remember to use a different strip size.

sewing oversized hot pads
Image credit: Pin, Cut, Sew on Youtube

Do it again to sew in the 4th strap. Fold and press the long strip lengthwise with your iron. Now that your binding is ready, grab the tail end and fold it at a right angle, and tuck it in the fold.

With your main pad fabric, turn it over to the mat.  To start sewing on your binding, leave a few inches before the edge of the corner of the pad.  Pin your strips following the edges until you reach the corner. Sew it on using the backstitch method.

From the excess tail of the strap, fold it at an outward angle and fold it again inward following the edge of the next corner. Sew from the end until the other end with a backstitch.

Do it again on all three corners.

Coming back from where you left a few inches off your first strip of binding, trim in about an inch away from the first end and tuck it inside the fold.  Continue stitching until you get back to where you started. Now that your binding is attached, sew a zigzag on the corner ends of your binding.  Flip your fabric over, now facing the right side.  Turn the binding from the back to the front and clip it on. Make sure to cover the stitching line.  When you finish all corners, follow through an edge stitch to secure the binding to the front.

And you’re done! Tap yourself on your back to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Bonus tip: Roll your hot pad in and tie a ribbon around it to give to your friends and family.

How to Sew Oversized Hot Pads

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