How To Remove Stains Off The Couch

How To Remove Stains Off The Couch | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by DIY Lily Ardor via YouTube


Stains can happen easily on your sofa or couch, but you can remove those stains easily using a cleaning tip from DIY Lily Ardor on YouTube. I’m sure this is effective for any material that your couch may be made out of, but in this video, she has a microfiber couch and sofa. Oxi Clean has been my best friend for many other things such as laundry and cleaning my bathrooms. I love that product and it removes a lot of tough stains.



  • Oxi Clean Max Force (or dish soap and water may work)
  • hard bristle brush
  • clean sponge
  • microfiber towel
  • Little Green Bissell Vac, optional
  • vinegar and dish soap


First, this depends on where your stains are on your couch, but take out the cushions from the couch. Spray any of the stains down with the Oxi Clean. Then, take the hard bristle brush and scrub it down. Repeat the steps again if the stains do not come off the first time. Also, you can let the Oxi Clean soak in for about 5 minutes before scrubbing.

Use Oxi Clean To Remove Stains Off The Couch - Cleaning Tips and Hacks For Furniture
Image by DIY Lily Ardor via YouTube


Next, if you don’t have the little green Bissell, use a wet clean sponge to wet the section of your stain on the couch, and use the microfiber towel to rub the fibers down until they look even. The vacuum sucks out the water and any excess dirt from the sofa. I would try using a regular vacuum or invest in a similar vacuum like the one in this video. Continue to watch DIY Lily Ardor tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Clean Couch With Oxi Clean - Easy Ways To Remove Stains
Image by DIY Lily Ardor via YouTube

Overall, this is an easy method to remove those stains off the couch with inexpensive cleaning supplies. I know accidents can happen on the couch whether it’s spilling food or an accident from a pet.

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