How To Remove Snow Safely Off The Car

How To Remove Snow Safely Off The Car | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Ammo NYC via YouTube


There are many ways to remove snow safely off your car, but many people try to take the easy way out and it can lead to damage to the car if done wrong. Ammo NYC on YouTube shows tips and tricks on the extra steps to avoid scratches. The golden rule is to have lubricant in between the paint and whatever is touching it. Whether it be water or soap. The rule of thumb is no dry wiping, and the paint will less likely get scratched. So, don’t be lazy when it comes to removing the snow or you’d have to pay the price


Don’t use a brush, broom or shovel

Don't use a broom or shovel to remove the snow off the car
Image by Ammo NYC via YouTube

This may seem like the easiest and fastest option, but do not use a broom, your arm or any rough objects to remove the snow.

Don’t lean on the car

Do not lean on the car to reach the other side to remove the snow. Instead, stand on the tire or step stool if you need to reach the middle of the roof. Lots of scratches occur from jacket zippers or buckles grinding into the paint.

Turn on the defroster

Start the car and turn on the defroster on the front and back.

Blow the snow off

Tips and Tricks To clean snow off your car - clear snow off the car
Image by Ammo NYC via YouTube

If it’s powdery snow, use a leaf blower to blow the snow off. If the snow is heavy because of the top layer of ice, break off the surface of chunks and lift it away from the paint as the first step. Then, use a snow broom and add 2 microfiber clothes to it and gently remove the snow without touching the paint.

Note: if your car has ice on its window, wait for the defroster to warm up as possible before using a scraper to scrape the rest off the glass. The trick is to keep the scraper blade flat. All of these tips are useful and think ahead now. It’s dangerous to not remove all the snow off your car because if you’re on the road it can fly off and break someone’s glass.

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