How To Remove Hard Stains From Toilet Bowl

How To Remove Hard Stains From Toilet Bowl | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by RJ the Bike Guy via YouTube


Hard water stains can look gross in a toilet bowl, and it requires specific deep cleaning to get rid of them. This cleaning hack and tip by RJ the Bike Guy on YouTube shows h0w to remove those hard stains with a couple of supplies. If you want your toilet bowl to look brand new, I would advise you to try this out. I’m a clean person, and I clean my toilet bowl every week, but water build stains can occur no matter how clean you are. I’m glad there was this demonstration because I’ve been looking for tips on how to remove hard stains, and they do not necessarily work out. The instructions were easy to follow along, and I would’ve never known to try cleaning vinegar.



  • plunger
  • gloves
  • cleaning vinegar
  • towels, optional
  • toilet paper
  • toilet bowl brush


First, take all of the water out of the toilet bowl with a plunger. Try to remove all of the water with towels if needed. Then, pour the cleaning vinegar into the toilet bowl and fill it up to cover the hard stains.

Use cleaning vinegar to remove hard stains - How To Clean a Toilet Bowl - Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Image by RJ the Bike Guy via YouTube


Next, take some toilet paper and soak it into the vinegar, and apply them around any hard stains. Let everything sit and soak overnight. The following day, take a toilet bowl cleaning brush and scrub the hard stains. Continue to watch RJ the Bike Guy tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Toilet Bowl Removal - Hard Stains Removal - Water Hard Stains Hacks
Image by RJ the Bike Guy via YouTube

Overall, this is a detailed tutorial with specific instructions on how to make the toilet bowl clean, and I’m sure if you let it sit for longer, it’ll be easier to come off. However, if your hard water stains do not come off the first time, repeat the process.

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