How To Paint A Watermelon Print From Potato

How To Paint A Watermelon Print From Potato | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Hobby Ideas India via YouTube


This watermelon print t-shirt is adorable and the shape is made from using a potato. Hobby Ideas India on YouTube shows step by step how to create this easy shirt that doesn’t require any expensive materials or supplies. Shirts are so fun to make at home, and they’re a nice DIY project because a lot of graphic tees cost $15 and up nowadays. With this potato hack, you can create a watermelon print with all of these supplies for less than $10. Also, the supplies will last for more DIY projects too. This is an interesting way to use a potato, but it’s creative. I think it shows that you can use anything around the house that you might have, without having to spend extra money. Plus, the shape from the potato stamp gives a consistent size throughout the whole shirt too.



  • white t-shirt
  • potato
  • paper
  • OHP sheet
  • color palette
  • paper cutter
  • fine art brushes
  • Fevicryl fabric colors (crimson, light green, dark green, black)


First, cut the potato into half and pair the flat side of the potato half in the shape of watermelon to create a watermelon stamp.

Use a Potato To Paint A Watermelon Print - Potato Print Hack
Image by Hobby Ideas India via YouTube


Next, insert a piece of paper into the t-shirt, and pour the paint into the color palette. Apply the acrylic color paint on the potato stamp with a brush, and make a stamp all over the white t-shirt with it. Use the other paint to finish the watermelon design. Continue to watch Hobby Ideas India tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

How To Paint on A T-shirt - Hobby Ideas - Watermelon Print DIY
Image by Hobby Ideas India via YouTube

Overall, I think this would be a nice summer shirt to wear, and you can make this on tank tops too. This can be worn throughout any season, and if you love watermelons, I think it would be a nice personalized gift to make for someone.

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