5 Clever Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

5 Clever Ways To Open A Wine Bottle | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Show Maker via YouTube


Do you always find it hard to open a wine bottle or you just suddenly can’t find any corkscrew and your guests are waiting for someone to open it? Here in this video tutorial by Show Maker on YouTube, you’ll learn 5 different clever and practical tricks that could help you easily open your wine bottle.



  • Lighter
  • Key
  • Screw and screwdriver
  • Fork
  • Shoe
  • Drill bit


The lighter method

After peeling off the seal of the wine bottle, try using a lighter and expose the neck of the bottle to direct fire. The build-up of the heat on the neck will create pressure and reaction which will cause the cork to pop off by itself.


The key method

If the lighter trick doesn’t work for you or you just think that it’s too dangerous to do. You can instead try inserting a key onto the cork in a slanted manner. Push it sideways and not downward, then slowly rotate it while pulling upward.

How To Open A Wine Bottle
Image Credit: Show Maker via YouTube

The screw and fork method

If you can’t find a key anywhere, you can also use a screw. Simply insert a screw straight down at the cork, then use a screwdriver to tighten it down, even more, leaving a bit of space enough to fit a fork. Then, use the fork to pull the screw and cork together.

The shoe method

Grab a single shoe and insert the bottom of the bottle, then hit it a few times on a hard surface to force the cork to pop outward. The shoe will serve as a protective pad to lessen the impact and prevent the bottle from shattering.

The drill bit method

This hack is the same as the key method, insert and rotate the drill bit several times onto the cork in a sideways manner. Then, rotate it a few times, and use a lot of force to pull it out.

Easy Wine Bottle Hack Tutorial
Image Credit: Show Maker via YouTube


*These amazing images are all credited to Show Maker via YouTube. Check his other content and follow for more!

5 Clever Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

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