How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Bike Pump

How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Bike Pump | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by eHow via YouTube


There are many ways to open a wine bottle, but this hack by eHow on YouTube shows how to open a wine bottle with a bike pump. This is a useful hack if you are at home, but I know how many people will have a bike pump on hand. There are all kinds of possibilities and this bike pump trick seems like a joke, but works. I would be interested in trying this method out to see if it works for me. Sometimes the corkscrew is hard to do if you’re not used to opening wine bottles, but this is still a quick process. After all, I think it’s a great idea.



  • pliers
  • bike pump


First, take the needle of the bike pump and insert it around the edge of the cork. Use the bike pump to pump out the cork and you’ll see it start to rise up when this happens.

Use Bike Pump To Remove Wine Cork - How To Open a Wine bottle with Wine opener
Image by eHow via YouTube

Then, take the needle from the bike pump out of the cork and use pliers to squeeze out the cork by spinning the bottle around at the same time. Continue to watch eHow tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

DIY Wine Opening Hack - Tips and Tricks on Opening a wine bottle
Image by eHow via YouTube

Overall, this is a handy and useful hack if you do not have a wine opener on hand. I like the idea of this method, but it is much quicker to use a corkscrew. However, if this is your only option it’s an innovative idea. I would’ve never thought about this idea, but I love how it’s creative. I love wine and I know it’s frustrating when you don’t have anything to open. This video trick is hilarious, but a great way to show there are endless options instead of using a traditional corkscrew opener.

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