How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by ArtsnCrafts4u


I will be hosting a party soon, so I looked for beautiful decorations I can DIY.  Luckily, I found this tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers by ArtsnCrafts4u on Youtube. Aren’t these big flowers beautiful? I made tons and filled my home. They are so easy to create just follow the instructions or watch the video below. Happy crafting!



  • 2 pieces 6.5″ by 20″ yellow tissue paper
  • 7 pieces 13″ by 20″pink tissue paper (5 dark and 2 light)
  • 2 pieces 13″ by 20″ green tissue paper
  • wire
  • scissors
  • paper clip


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Step 1:

Arrange the tissue papers in this order starting from the bottom to the top: 2 greens, 2 dark pinks, 1 light pink, 2 dark pinks, 1 light pink, 1 dark pink, and 2 yellow. Use a clip to hold all papers together in one short side. Make sure the yellow papers are placed exactly at the center.

Step 2:

Holding all papers together, fold the bottom edge upwards to about 1 inch and make a crease. Flip it over and repeat on the other side. Keep folding in accordion style until you reach the other end. Once done, trim off the extra length. Press down firmly to make a sharp crease.

Step 3:

Open the folds and separate the green, pink, and yellow. Fold them back into accordion style.

Step 4:

Take the yellow paper, fold it in half, and make a sharp crease. Next, make small slits at the open edge.  Fold the pink in half and make a crease. Unfold and make a “U” shape cut on one end. Next, fold it in half again and cut the other end in a “U” shape. Fold the green paper in half and make half an arc cut.

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial
Image by ArtsnCrafts4u


Step 5:

Unfold all the papers. Place the green on the bottom, followed by the pink, then the yellow. Make sure the edges are aligned and the yellow paper is in the center.

Step 6:

Take a wire or thread and tie it at the center. Make sure to twist the wire on the green side. Gently pull all layers in an upward direction, one layer at a time, starting on the top.

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers Project
Image by ArtsnCrafts4u



How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

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