How To Make Sugar Bowls

How To Make Sugar Bowls

How To Make Sugar Bowls | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by How To Cook That via YouTube


Candy sugar balloon bowls are something that I would never think of making, but after watching How To Cook That tutorial on YouTube, I was convinced. I think it’s a pretty neat idea, and you can use this sugar bowl to serve snacks, fruits or ice cream. I would be nervous about making these because I would be scared on cracking them since I’m a clumsy person. However, I think it’s a cool invention and recipe to try out something new. Also, it’s impressive to use a balloon to make these sugar bowls that double as a work of art on the table. This would be a nice party decoration to serve things in for a holiday party because it reminds me of a stained colored glass.



  • 1 1/3 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup glucose syrup
  • 2.54 fluid ounces of water
  • Food flavoring and coloring (optional)
  • Candy Thermometer
  • Balloons (CAUTION: make sure you have helium quality balloons and test with an un-inflated one first to check it does not melt)


First, fill up your balloon and remove all of the air that is shown in How To Cook That video on YouTube. Make sure to watch the video for full instructions. Then, dry with a paper towel and rub with a little oil.

Use Balloon Filled With Water To Make Sugar Bowls - Candy Splash Sugar Bowl Recipe
Image by How To Cook That via YouTube

Next, mix sugar, water, and glucose syrup and stir until the sugar is dissolved. This sugar mixture will be used to pour over the balloon to create the sugar bowl.

Sugar Bowl Recipe - How To Cook That Tutorials
Image by How To Cook That via YouTube

Overall, this reminds me of science experiments in grade school, and I think it would be neat to try out as adults. Especially with quarantine, I have a lot of down time so this sugar bowl recipe is added to my “gotta try out when I’m bored” list.

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