How to make DIY Star Pincushion

How to make DIY Star Pincushion | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: sewingtimes via YouTube


A few weeks ago, I started taking an interest in sewing and watching DIY sewing hacks online, I also began sewing some really interesting projects that I saw. One major problem that I always encounter is losing the needles and pins I’ve used. I considered buying pincushions at the nearest store but since I’m already learning how to sew, I thought why not try to make one for myself instead of buying. That’s when I found this cute do it yourself star shape pincushion, what I loved about this is its size and ability to stack more pins and needles than usual, I enjoyed every second of making it, it was easy, quick, and cheap because instead of buying fabrics you can just use leftover or old fabrics that you already have. Thanks to sewingtimes on YouTube for this wonderful tutorial.



  • 5 pcs 7.5㎝ × 7.5㎝ (3″ × 3″), red fabric
  • 5 pcs 7.5㎝ × 7.5㎝ (3″ × 3″), white patterned fabric
  • 5 pcs 7.5㎝ × 7.5㎝ (3″ × 3″), striped fabric
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Button
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread


Step 1

Pick the patterned white fabric and stack 2 pieces with both fronts facing each other. Mark 1cm on the top and bottom on one side. Sew the fabrics together then open it up, stack another fabric on one side and repeat the process until the last piece. Once you’ve sewed the fabrics, you’ll end up with a star shape, find the center, and sew a button. Set the first star aside.

How to make DIY star pincushion
Image Credit: sewingtimes via YouTube

Step 2

Do the same process on the red fabrics but this time sew the striped fabrics between the gaps of the red star, after hand sewing the 2-star shapes, join the first-star fabric and sew all the way around, leaving only a small opening to be able to pull the fabric inside out. Fill the insides with polyester fabric and close the small opening with a blind stitch.

Star pincushion sewing tutorial for beginners
Image Credit: sewingtimes via YouTube


*Thanks to sewingtimes on YouTube for all these adorable images. Follow their channel for more tutorials like this one.

How to make DIY Star Pincushion

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