How to Make a Pompon Bear

How to Make a Pompon Bear | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by NataliDoma DIY


This bear is so adorable! Who knew making one is so easy and fun? With this tutorial by NataliDoma DIY, you will learn how to make a pompon bear out of yarn.  Know you know how to create one instead of spending a lot of money buying from the store. This make as a cute gift to your friend or family. Watch the video below for detailed instructions.



  • voluminous yarn
  • scissors
  • beads
  • hot glue
  • 2 black toy eyes
  • 1 black toy nose


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Step 1:

Loop the yarn 50 to 150 times on your 4 fingers, the cut. If you are going to use a finer yarn, do the highest number of turns, so it will turn out fluffy. Next, cut a long piece of yarn and tie the looped yarn tightly in the center. After that, make another one and tie them together.

How to Make a Pompon Bear Tutorial
Image by NataliDoma DIY


Step 2:

Loop the yarn 30 to 90 times on your 3 fingers, then cut. Tie it tightly with a piece of yarn in the middle. Make 2 more. Get one, and cut the loops in the middle. Trim the edges to form a circle ball. Do the same for the other 2.

Step 3:

Get the two stacked pompons and cut the loops in the middle. Trim it to form a big oval.

Step 4:

Move some of the yarn on top not exactly in the middle and add glue. Stick one of the small pieces of pompon for the first ear. Next, add glue on the bottom and stick the other piece for the second ear of the bear.

How to Make a Pompon Bear Project
Image by NataliDoma DIY


Step 5:

Make a single loop and tie it to make a knot. Make sure to make it long, then wrap it around the head of the bear.

Step 6:

For the last piece of pompon, glue it on the middle of the head of the bear for the nose. Glue the 2 eyes and nose. Lastly, trim it to make it clean.


How to Make a Pompon Bear

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