How to Make a Flower With a Ribbon

How to Make a Flower With a Ribbon | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Merry Craft


Who would’ve thought this lovely embellishment would be an easy and quick project? Learn how to make a flower with a ribbon with this wonderful tutorial by Merry Craft. It’s a beautiful handmade craft you can do at home with friends and family. Make tons of this and decorate your bags, dress, hat, or anything. You can also play around with different colors of beads and ribbons. Read on for the full instructions for this DIY flower.



  • satin ribbon
  • ruler
  • pair of scissors
  • lighter
  • 8 pieces of white beads or pearls
  • 9 pieces of small beads
  • 1 big bead
  • thread and needle
  • white satin ribbon
  • hot glue
  • tweezer

Note: be careful not to burn yourself when using the lighter


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Step 1:

Measure 2 inches of satin ribbon, fold and cut using scissors. Heat the edges to stop them from fraying. Fold in half diagonally, then fold in half twice. Cut the tip and use a tweezer to hold it. Lightly heat it to stop it from fraying. Next, cut a small part of the bottom and hold it with the tweezer. Lightly heat to stick them together. Now you have one petal. Repeat the process to make 7 more pieces.

How to Make a Flower With a Ribbon DIY
Image by: Merry Craft


Step 2:

Run a needle with a thread on the tip of a petal, then followed by a white bead. Continue alternating the beads and petals. Once they are all in the thread, pass your needle to the first petal to connect the last bead and make the flower. Create a knot to secure, then cut the excess thread.

How to Make a Flower With a Ribbon Project
Image by: Merry Craft


Step 3:

With the white satin ribbon, cut a circle with a 1.18 inches diameter. Add glue around the edges of the circle and stick it to the back of the beads.

Step 4:

Glue the small beads around the circle, then finish it by gluing the big bead in the center.



Here’s a similar ribbon flower video tutorial by Creative Creations on Youtube. 

How to Make a Flower With a Ribbon

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